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Everything about hygiene and safety in institutes

Everything about hygiene and safety in institutes


🌟 Explore the world of hygiene and safety in aesthetics with our essential manual “All about Hygiene and Safety”! 🌟

💡 This comprehensive guide will take you deep into the essential practices to ensure safe environments and impeccable care. Learn the highest hygiene standards and best practices to keep your customers and team safe!

🔬 Explore in detail the fundamental principles of hygiene and safety in aesthetics, understand the potential risks and discover the preventive measures to put in place to avoid incidents and infections.

📚 Our manual offers you clear and detailed explanations, supported by explanatory diagrams and concrete examples. You will also find practical advice on hygiene protocols, disinfection of tools and equipment, as well as emergency measures to adopt if necessary.

💪 🎓 For each teaching manual ordered, receive a CERTIFICATE OF MASTERY and join the community of committed beauticians of “ELEVEN ESTHETIC TRAINING”! 💼💄👩‍🎓

👩‍💼 Join our dedicated community of estheticians and be part of a professional network committed to the safety and excellence of aesthetic care. Together, we work to provide safe and memorable experiences for our customers! 💪💫

👉 Order your “All About Hygiene and Safety” teaching manual now and become a member of the prestigious “ELEVEN ESTHÉTIQUE TRAINING” community of beauticians! 📚✨💖

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